The Adventures of Elvis Solo  

The adventures of Elvis Solo are vast and dangerous, but not much of this is known and even less is documented photographically. What is known is that Elvis Solo is a smuggler for the Rebel Legion, and from what we have been told his main cargo is usually cheeseburgers. Oh and a note of caution on that, never get between Elvis and a cheeseburger, just a friendly warning for ya.

    The other myth that has been brought up many times over is that  Elvis Solo is just that well known Elvis Trooper guy in disguise, well that is hard for us to say, so we will leave the answer to that up to you. Maybe he is a top secrete spy for the Empire, maybe this is his true identity and the other is a disguise. Either way, they both have one thing in common and that is that they love to take pictures with people. So if you are lucky enough to have an Elvis Solo sighting then make sure you have a camera on you and take a picture, as he is the rarest of the Elvis breed to track down. But through careful skill and precision we were able to obtain a small gallery of picture of Elvis Solo, see bellow.


- San Diego Comic Con 2002 -

Elvis Solo On The Loose!



It's a new day and a new adventure for our mild mannered smuggler,
we find him again at the San Diego Comic Con 2002. And yet again
this day started off innocent enough with taking a few pictures
with people in nice costumes. But yet again it soon turned into what
we have before you now, look out itís Elvis Solo on the loose!



Hello ladies, would you like a picture with the Elvis Solo?


Elvis Solo seems to like punk chicks too.


Well, well, what do we have here?



"TCB Baby!Ē


Bad Elvis, bad, bad, bad.

This concludes this chronicle of Elvis Solo on the loose...move along nothing more to see here!.







DISCLAIMER: This sight is only meant for entertainment purposes, the camera was in full view of the participants and all models said they were 18 at the time. No animals were hurt or injured during this rampage. No reproduction of these contents should ever be made with out express written consent on Major League Baseball and the National Football League. This is not meant to be offensive to women and if it is seen as such then youíre wound too tight and you need to relax. Oh and this has nothing to do with Star Wars or any crap that might have to do with LFL.