The ELVIS TROOPER seen in Print

Bizarre Magazine from the UK, Oct  2008. The ElvisTrooper was caught hanging out with his old pal Chewbacca at the Brotherhoods 7th annual X-Sanguin after party during San Diego Comic Con 2008. If you go to Comic Con this is a party not to be missed, each year on Saturday night!  Paste Magazine, Dec/Jan 2007/2008. The ElvisTrooper was contacted for an interview while at Dragon Con 2007in Atlanta and this is the story they ended up going with. We like the artwork and the poems cool, but we want to know where Free Mixed Drink Trooper is hiding.

Westways Magazine, AAA SoCal, May  2007. Again the  ElvisTrooper is featured with the friendly Tuskin Raider Army in more promotional material that is all leading up the the big Star Wars Celebration IV convention in Los Angeles.  SFX Magazine from the UK, October 2006. Here the ElvisTrooper can be seen with a friendly group of Tuskin Raiders. This magazine features a lot of Star Wars coverage along with a promo for the Celebration Europe convention. The same photo is actually printed twice in the mag.

Empire Magazine from the UK, November 2006. A giant, almost full page photo of our hero the Elvis Trooper can be spotted on page 94 along with a great little write up on him straight from the floor of this years San Diego Comic Con.  Sci Fi Magazine, October 2006. Here is a fun little cartoon of the Elvis Trooper in one of his famous poses. If anyone knows the artist of this, please pass on a big Thankyaverymuch from the Elvis Trooper.

Nintendo Power Magazine, October 2006. The Elvis Trooper can be seen on page 97 in a fun photo spread from San Diego Comic Con. Always great to hear the your pal the Elvis Trooper is the best Elvis Stormtrooper around! Lee's Toy Review Magazine, September 2006. That's right the Elvis Trooper is yet again in this years coverage of SD Comic Con by Lee's Toy Review. Thank guys, now let's talk Elvis Trooper action figures!

Las Vegas Weekly, August 2006. Here is one reports funny take and review of San Diego Comic Con. While not mentioned by name here, we know who the cool Stormtrooper  cat in the big glasses is.   Long Island Press, August 2006. This is another funny appearance as the story has nothing to do with the Elvis Trooper at all, but the picture comes straight from this website, kinda funny and weird.

GQ Magazine, July 2006. The Elvis Trooper can be seen on page 80 in a short article on tips for San Diego Comic Con. This is the same photo that has been in other mags just posterized with a few of our friends are added in as well. Skin & Ink, June 2006. The Elvis Trooper can be seen on page 3 at the top of the contents page, posing with Hannah Aitchison. There is a great 8 page interview about Hannah that is worth checking out. Thanks Hannah!

Eric the Happy Stormtrooper web-blog comic strip, May 2006. The Elvis Trooper, well the comic version, makes a guest appearance in a fun little weekly comic strip. See more of Eric the Happy Stormtrooper here Desert Star Theatre, Salt Lake City, January 2006. This is a fun little one off flyer we found out about through an Email. We were told me it was used on stage in a play about spoofing Star Wars fans. Fun stuff indeed!

Movie Magic Magazine, December 2005. Three page article on San Diego Comic Con 2005, with a nice big picture of the Elvis Trooper on page 46, with a fun comment as well. UK Star Wars Magazine, Sept/Oct 2005. This picture and article are the same as the US magazine version for a few months earlier but it's great to see the love of the Elvis Trooper spreading to the UK. 

Premier Magazine, October 2005. San Diego Comic Con 2005 report that includes a decent size picture of the Elvis Trooper on page 28.  EDGE Magazine from the UK, September 2005. The Elvis Trooper is included in a photo montage from San Diego Comic Con 2005. Along with a great picture at a nice size, he also gets a fun caption as well.

U.S.News & World Report, June 27, 2005. More press about the Elvis Trooper being apart of the Trivial Pursuit DVD Star Wars game. With a picture no less. Lee's Toy Review Magazine, June 2005. The Elvis Trooper picture is actually kind of small but we are big fans of this magazine and find it an honor to be included in the photo spread!

Star Wars Insider Magazine, Issue #82. A nice size picture of the Elvis Trooper can be seen on page 12. Casino Life Magazine, Issue #1. A great mention of the Elvis Trooper as well as a great story on SW toys. With a full page color picture inside the article and a small picture on the cover as well. Click for full story!

Merced Sun Star, May 18th 2005. The Elvis Trooper made the front page, with a picture above the fold even, as seen from the news stand! Merced Sun Star, May 18th 2005. Front page article and ROTS movie review written by the Elvis Trooper himself.

Merced Sun Star, May 18th 2005. Continuation of the movie review and article on the back page of the paper. The Modesto Bee, May 2nd 2005. A small color picture on the front of the life section along with the same picture in a mix of Celebration 3 picture from Wes Page of Modesto.

The Modesto Bee, May 1st 2005. A shortened article that shows up in paper across the nation of a story by the Fresno Bee. We have reports of this article showing up in as far away as Canada also. The Fresno Bee, April 26th 2005. The full article and interview of the Elvis Trooper by Rick Bentley of the Fresno Bee, it's a great read!

USA Today, April 25th 2005. The Elvis Trooper gets a small mention in the article about Star Wars Celebration 3. Indianapolis Star, May 1st 2005. This article was scanned and Emailed to us from friend. Here we have even more coverage from SW Celebration 3 of the ElvisTrooper along with his buddy Cap'n Jack.

The Modesto Bee, April 23rd 2005. The Elvis Trooper make the front page of the Bee with a nice size color picture!  Merced Sun Star, April 23rd 2005. The same AP photo and caption shows up in the Merced paper. We have reports of this photo and caption showing up in a few other papers as well.  








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