Who ya gonna call...
GhostBuster Elvis...that's who!

   That's right our very own Elvis has taken a side job now and it fighting the forces of the paranormal, that's bustin ghost to those that are not down with all those big words. It's not an easy job to carry around and untested and unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back, but it's all in a days work for our hero the Elvis Trooper. Besides he aint afraid of no ghost, and yes he still likes the girls.

    We meet up with our hero on a normal routine call at the San Diego Comic Convention as there have been reports of odd behavior and also hot girls running around the convention floor with little clothing on. Well, upon hearing this call how could out ghostbustin hero Elvis turn this call down. Your right, he probably only took the call to get out and meet the ladies, so enjoy a few of the pictures that we were able to track down of this very rare Elvis sighting.



- GhostBuster Elvis at San Diego Comic 2004 -



     The Ghostbuster crew arrives just in the nick of time, but stops to make sure they have their poses worked out incase any hot ladies are in need of a photo-op. And it wasn't too long before that was the case indeed.




     It wasn't long before our hero Elvis somehow got separated from his Ghostbuster crew as we think he got distracted by all the flash photography and a few old friend she bumped into that wanted picture with him, ah the Elvis Troopers work is never done.




     By this point we think our hero Elvis has forgotten what he came here for as he was surrounded by too many hot women in small clothing, or maybe this is why he's here in the first place. But we will let you be the judge of that. Well that is all that we were able to find to document the adventures of GhostBuster Elvis at Comic Con 2004, but if you have any sightings and photographic evidence please send it in and we might post it here!


     Elvis would like to give a Big Thankyaverymuch, to Bryan for the loan out of this outfit and letting him wear it around for a day. It takes hard to work to look this good and the major part of this look is all Bryan and his GhostBuster outfits, well all of it besides the glasses and the Elvis charm that is. Check out his site here: WestCoastBusters.com






Please note: This is where some small print goes, but I really got nothing much to say here. so what do ya say we just move on and pretend that something meaningful is written here and hope that no one try's to sue us.