WonderCon 2004


The Elvis Trooper and the 501st were in full force at Wonder Con 2004.


This is the second year that Elvis has attended Wonder Con in San Francisco and this is also the second year that the ComicCon organization has been running this event. This Con is a rather small Con as Con's go but on the other hand it's a large Con for the Bay Area itself. So the best part about this is that the Elvis Trooper is well within driving distance and has many friend in the area, so no matter what it is always great to see friends and meet new people in the area. This is actually the first year that our hero the Elvis Trooper has made an "official" appearance at this Con as last year there were a few different Elvis sightings and reports that place him wearing a Snow Trooper outfit and a few other report of out other hero Indiana Elvis making an appearance. But I did hear that Indian Elvis would probably make another appearance this year as well.



The Elvis Trooper was in prime shape for this Con and had a lot of fun taking pics with many of the Bay Area fans. And what do ya know he actually ran across some old friends of his that he had to stop and take pics with himself. Thing were well in hand till he heard that two little magic words, "spank me" and we better end the story right there to protect the innocent.


Well, what do ya know that Indiana Elvis guy did make an appearance after all, what a rugged looking guy I might add. And with one of his favorite Lara Croft friends too, life is not bad for our Elvis friends.

Well the only bad news is that our Elvis didn't take that many pictures with his camera, so if you have pictures with Elvis from WonderCon 2004 please contact us and we might put them up on the site. In any event see you all next year!


Email: ElvisTrooper@AOL.com




DISCLAIMER: Umm, pretend like there is a bunch of stuff right here that says stuff that does not get me into trouble with any of the properties and likenesses that might have been mentioned on this page and such. So just sit back and relax, enjoy the pics cause it's all for fun.