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ATAT Driver Costume - Metal Upgrade Parts

     The parts bellow are for upgrading your Driver Costume and Helmet. These parts are all metal and CNC machined from solid stock aluminum 6061. I am offering a full kit at a discounted rate and separate parts with a few different options that will hopefully fits the needs and budgets of anyone in need of these nice upgrades. The parts are to mounted by either the screw that comes with them, from the back side, or glued into place when needed. See parts description for more info on which parts come with mounting hardware and which do not. No true driver for whatever evil Empire you might be apart of should be without this nice little metal upgrade! Click here to see some cool photos of where and how some of these parts could been used.


Full Upgrade ATAT Driver Parts Kit


Full ATAT DRIVER Kit, $80.00 per kit

   This kit offers all the high detail and most accurate metal upgrade parts that have ever been made. The kit includes: 

  • 1 Forehead Cylinder 

  • 2 Tank Toppers

  • 2 Cheek Tusk

  • 4 Cone Knobs

  • 1 Plug

  • 2 Knurled Disk

  • 1 Chest Box Cap

  The Forehead Cylinder goes on the faceplate of helmet centered on the forehead. The 2 Tank Toppers go on the rear of the helmet and sit on top of the breather tanks. The 2 Cheek Tusk go in the front of the helmet, the Tusk are drilled and tapped from behind and come with screws and washer for mounting. The Smooth Cone Knobs goes on the ends of the shoulder straps, these are drilled and tapped form behind and each come with a screw and washer. The Plug and 1 of the Knurled Disk go on the front of the chest box and are to be glued in place. The Chest Box Cap and other Knurled Disk go on the side of the Chest box and are to be glued in place. This is the correct layout from the top of the outfit and downward, for those that want super accuracy in their costumes and uniforms. See larger picture bellow for more detail.


   Email me at: DMAUL1000@aol.com


Upgrade ATAT Driver Parts and Kits


2 ATAT Cheek Tusk, $40.00 per set

These are the cheek tusk for the face mask part of the helmet of the guys that drive that big 4 legged walking machine in that one really cool Sci-fi movie. These tusk are CNC machines from solid stock aluminum and each tusk in one solid piece with a tapped hole in the back for mounting. They also come with mounting screws and washers for simple mounting to your face place. And if you choose you can also paint the tips whatever color you may want, just scuff up the area that you might add paint to and mask the rest. 


ATAT Helmet Kit, $50.00 per kit

Same 2 Tusk as described above with 1 Forehead Plug and 2 Tank Toppers to completely upgrade your helmet. The Forehead Plug comes with a screw and is attached from behind. The Tank Toppers need to be glued in place, on top of the rear breather tanks.


Cone Knobs, $7.00 each 


Set of 4 Cone Knobs, $25.00

The Cone Knobs goes on the ends of the shoulder straps, these parts are drilled and tapped form behind and each come with a screw and washer.  

HEY, I don't need a full kit!

Feel free to inquire about any other separate parts and the prices of each of the parts that are shown on this page.




Prices shown are only shown as a reference to what I have charged a few people in the past to make these parts. Please email me for info if you are intersted in these parts.

Items above DO NOT include shipping, shipping is extra.

Shipping: please email me for a shipping quote.


Email me at: DMAUL1000@aol.com



Email me at: DMAUL1000@aol.com

Thanks, Ken...TK-4321
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