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     These are the Imperial Insignias that are worn on the hat and belt of the Imperial Officers plus they are found on a few other outfits and props. These disk are CNC machines from solid stock aluminum, they have a solid back so that you can glue a hatpin to the back of it for attachment to a cap or any other cloth item. You can also epoxy it you your belt buckle or I might suggest drilling a thru hole in the center of the disk and attaching it with a small screw from a more secure fit. These are machined as close to exact sizes from a very reliable source. The outside diameter is just under 1 inch.


Standard Disk, $5.00 each plus shipping

    Lower priced disk, great for costumers and prop makers on a budget. I offer a price break on these with the more you buy, see more info below. 



High Detail Disk, $7.50 each plus shipping

    This disk is the same as above but with an added machining operation that adds a "V" shaped groove along the two outer most steps. This makes for a more accurate disk and is best used on a belt buckle.



High Detail Disk with Notch, $10.00 each plus shipping

    Again same as above with the "V" shape groove added and even one extra detail on this top end disk. And that is a milled Notch cut into the outer most step. This too makes for a very accurate disk that is best used on a hat or different props.


NOTE: These Do Not come with a hatpin or any mounting hardware. I recommend epoxy at the least for mounting to a belt buckle. The best and safest mounting option is to drill out the center with a 1/8" drill bit, then pop rivet these from behind to a buckle or a hat.

Email me at: DMAUL1000@aol.com

Thanks, Ken...TK-4321
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SOLO DISK, High Detail ANH or ESB

High Detail Solo Disk, $20.00 each plus shipping

These high detail disk are a great upgrade to your high end Smugglers Gun Belt. Each disk is CNC machined, hand polished and threaded through the center. Also comes with a mounting screw and washer for easy instillation and upgrade. When inquiring about these, please specify ANH or ESB Solo Disk.


Snow Commander Disk, $10.00 per set of 2, plus shipping

Similar to the Imperial Disk but with just 2 steps and a 1/8" through hole. These goes on the side of the helmet if you wish to command the troops in the snow. To be mounted with glue or pop riveted in place.

Email me at: DMAUL1000@aol.com

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