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Graflex Conversion Kit, ROTJ

Thanks for you interest in this conversion kit. These parts are for converting a Graflex flash tube, replica or original, into what closely resembles the movie version of the DV ROTJ saber or what some call the M.O.M. version. The main parts of this kit are CNC machined replicas of found parts along with a few actually found parts that are identical to the original parts used in the build. All machined parts are made of 6061 Aluminum or of various Steel�s were noted in the description.

Full metal Graflex Conversion kit price:


This page is only here to show parts that I machined a long time ago.

Here is a full break down of all parts included in this kit with per part prices, if there are extra parts outside of the kits, as noted if SOLD OUT:

D-ring Cylinder (with plated D-ring , mounting screw and nut): $10

Shroud (1 piece machined from solid block): $50

Thumb Screw (diamond knurled, Stainless Steel): SOLD OUT

Emitter rod (Steel) and backing disk (Aluminum): $10

* Port Plug / Bottom Button (machined steel, polished, not plated): SOLD OUT
(This is only for the shorter version that screws in the glass eye port, the longer version is only available in the kit and the kit comes with both.)

* Control Box (with pressed in plugs and mounting screw): $45

* Mid-band Assembly, Inner and Outer sleeve with screws: SOLD  OUT

* Ball Catch (found part from the UK, plated steel): SOLD OUT

* 7 Allen head bolts, custom machined washers and nuts: SOLD OUT
* 7 Allen head screws and nuts by them self: $5

(If you are curious a to how these washers work in conjunction with the bolts, here are some pictures that show this in more detail.)

I know what you are thinking, sure this works fine in the spots where the bolts have plenty of room, but what about the spot on top where the 3 bolts are right next to each other. Well, go see the new page I just finished up about how to install the nuts and bolts here. I will also cover this in detail in my next tutorial due up in a few weeks.

Graflex Conversion, Nuts and Bolts


Bellow is the parts kits packaged for shipping.


Please note, this is a VERY limited run of kits and once they are gone they are gone. And the extra parts are the same way, only a few of each on hand.

Please Email me for more info.

Email me at: DMAUL1000@aol.com

Thanks, Ken...Obi1Kenny
The Elvis Trooper


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