Converting a Graflex to a Darth Vader ROTJ style saber

Ear Bending
Test Fit
Bottom Shell
Install Parts
EL Elect.
The Joining
Finishing Up
Finished Pics


EL Electronics

Now on to reinstalling the EL electronics, the emitter plug is going to be put back in the same way it came out from the top of the Graflex after you have run the wires up through the shell from the bottom.

The old switch is cut off and replaced with the new one.


The main electronics package is placed in a different location that it was originally. I was originally placed up side the top shell right at the end of where the 2 half split apart, but now the hex bolts and nuts take up too much room for it to go back there. But there is enough room just below that actually inside of the top of the mid-band for the package to sit and not interfere with the new switch at all.

Once the electronics are installed then a battery can be hooked up and that will have plenty of room to sit down inside the lower shell. And now you can slide the 2 ends together.