Converting a Graflex to a Darth Vader ROTJ style saber

Ear Bending
Test Fit
Bottom Shell
Install Parts
EL Elect.
The Joining
Finishing Up
Finished Pics


Finishing the Build Up

The next step I did was to press and glue the brass pins back into the side of the emitter plug. As these had to be taken out to get the plug out of the Graflex to begin with. Then I screw in the steel button that sits in the lower glass-eye port of the Graflex. The style I make screws in flush to the tube surface. This is a special button I made just for the El blade style hilt. It has a set-screw in the center of the button that can be screw down to tighten up on the blade when it is installed.

Then just a few more easy parts to install. The shroud should just slip on and be held in place by the thumb screw. And the front D-ring cylinder slips through the gap of the bent ears and can be screwed in place very easily.