As we follow the further adventures of our mild mannered trooper,
we find him at his favorite Con, the San Diego Comic Con 2003. This year
the Con was bigger than ever which means even more fans and more girls for the
Elvis Trooper to spread his 'Imperial Charm' with. Sure it started out innocent enough
with stopping to take a few pictures with attendees and others in costume. But it soon
tuned into what we have before you now, itís the return of the Elvis Trooper Gone Wild!


Hello sweet mamma's, would you like a picture with the Elvis Trooper?



Booth Babes, what a great way to draw attention to your booth!




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DISCLAIMER: This sight is only meant for entertainment purposes, the camera was in full view of the participants and all models said they were 18ish at the time. No animals were hurt or injured during this rampage to my knowledge. No reproduction of these contents should ever be made with out express written consent on Major League Baseball and the National Football League. This is not meant to be offensive to women and if it is seen as such then youíre wound too tight and you need to relax, actually I might be able to help you with that. Oh and this has nothing to do with Star Wars or any crap that might have to do with LFL.