The Tales Of Indiana Elvis

      The ‘Tales of Indiana Elvis’ are rumored to be great, adventurous, wild, heroic and often dangerous. But really we think it's just that Elvis Trooper guy again in yet another disguise. But again we will let you make this call on this, as it's probably best that way. Unlike that Elvis Trooper guy he likes to keep a low profile when saving the world from ultimate doom!

Now onto the tales of Indiana Elvis...


Here are a few pictures of Indiana Elvis out on location.



There’s gold in them there hills! "Not to worry Ma'am, Elvis is just here to help."


Indians Elvis In Action!

  So you wanna see Indiana Elvis in action, well all you need to do is click the picture to the right to download a short clip. (Or right click and save target as.)

The mine is about to explode, run Indy Elvis...RUN!

[click on the picture to the right to  watch clip]




Indiana Elvis goes Hollywood???
Well we are all very lucky this time, he found out that Southern
California was full of snakes so he decided not to stick around.


"Well, no one seem to be using this plane right now and I need to get on with saving the world, so..."

"I’ve got an idea!" "If I cross these wires..." "I’ll just borrow her for a little while, trust me!"




Want to know more about Indiana Elvis?


Well pick up one of these publications that feature him on the cover.


And here are a few candid shots of Indiana Elvis in action.


Who’s Memphis Jones you ask, well it’s what we in the adventure game call a code name, ya see.


Indiana Elvis on location - Dragon*Con 2003'






DISCLAIMER: This sight is only meant for entertainment purposes. No animals were hurt or injured during this rampage, well except snakes, I hate snakes. No reproduction of these contents should ever be made with out express written consent on Minor League Baseball and or PepsiCo. If you are in need of Indiana Elvis’s services please contact me immediately, but only if the world is truly in danger, no false alarms please. Oh and this has nothing to do with some guy named Indiana Jones (who is this guy anyhow?) or LFL or that ET guy either.