"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
Interviewed by Kevin Smith

     The Elvis Trooper made his biggest prime time spot thus far when he appeared on a segment of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in a taped interview that Kevin Smith did while at the San Diego Comic Con 2003. This segment was filmed specifically for the Tonight Show as Kevin Smith roamed the convention floor to talk with various attendees that stood out from the crowd. And what do you know, our hero the Elvis Trooper was stopped by Kevin and his crew for a quick interview. And what do ya know he actually made the cut that was aired on NBC! Along with the Elvis Trooper are two of his good friends, Ryan and Brian and their kick butt Snow Trooper outfits, the Elvis Trooper wants to say thanks for having his back incase any trouble broke out. And a big Thankyaverymuch goes to Kevin Smith and The Tonight Show for including out hero in this segment (and for not suing us for putting this up on our site!)

[Click here or the  picture above to view a short video of this segment.]

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