MTV's "True Life"
'I Have Embarrassing Parents'

     This is the first ever TV appearance of the Elvis Trooper and was filmed by MTV for a show called True Life. The segment that our hero the Elvis Trooper appears in was filmed at the Star Wars Celebration II (2002) convention in Indianapolis, IN. Our hero actually has nothing to do with the story lines of the show except that he was hanging out at the convention and got caught on tape (not that that's a bad thing.) And while this is one of the shortest clips of the Elvis Trooper it is probably his best known and has gotten him more recognition that any other media spot so far. This is largely in part to MTV rerunning this show many times over within the past few years (but again that's not a bad thing at all.) The part of the story that deal with Star Wars is actually very good and worth watching and for more information on the real stars of this episode please visit our friends site, the MTV Jedi. Big thanks go out to MTV for including our hero the Elvis Trooper and rerunning the hell out of this show! And a big Thankyaverymuch goes to Charlie and his dad for making one of the best Star Wars moments ever captured on tape.

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