08/10/10: SW CV
• Star Wars Celebration V is this weekend so if you are going then make sure to check this link out for all the info and where to find your old pal the ElvisTrooper at CV!  
07/27/10: SD COMIC CON
• Hey guys, it's Ken. I know it's been a long time since you have seen an update at ElvisTrooper.com but with the poor economy I had to let or staff of writes and admins go, LOL! Anyhow, I got a few pics from the 2010 San Diego Comic Con posted up now. The ElvisTrooper was only able to make a 1 day appearance but it was a great time and I even go a few pics for you to check out too. Next up is Star Wars Celebration V, more info on that very soon and Dragon Con soon after that too!  
01/19/10: ET Action Figure
• Now everyone can have their very own ElvisTrooper action figure, some assembly required. Big thanks goes out to our friend Paulo from Portugal for designing this awesome papercraft ElvisTrooper figure and not only is a FREE for everyone to build but it will also finish off all the leftover in your fridge too. Build yours today, heck build a full army and send us photos!
10/31/09: SW Fan Days III
Once again the STAR WARS FAN DAYS convention in Plano Texas was one of my favorite cons this year. Always great to see so many familiar faces from last year and it was great to meet lots of new fans as well. I autographed hundreds of my exclusive OfficialPix trading card, chatted with friends and took lots of pics with fans. So make sure to stop by the photo gallery for few of the new pics.
09/03/09: IT'S A BOY!
• It is my honor to introduce you all to my first born, Lucas James Tarleton. Everyone is in great health and we are looking forward to showing him the world as he grows up. As for the ElvisTrooper, the year is not over just yet. Coming up in October, he will once again be a guest at Star Wars Fan Days III in Texas!
08/02/09: SD Comic Con!
San Diego Comic Con 2009 pics are now up! It's been a while since I have updated as I had not planned on doing much of the ElvisTrooper this year or even going to SDCC this year. But as luck would have it, I had time to come down for 2 days and get a few photos with friends and fan and what a great time it was. Next will be the birth of our little boy then later this year I will once again be a guest at Star Wars Fan Days III in Texas!
01/17/09: Happy 2009!
• We want to wish you all the best in this new year! This year might be a slow one for us as far as what conventions he might be able to get to but time will tell. First up is WonderCon is San Francisco, which we plan on attending and is always one of our favorite smaller cons as it allows us more time to catch up with friends. Something else cool to check out is the new one of a kind Knitted ElvisTrooper Doll, pic2, this is made by Maristini the Knitting Ninja. Make sure to check out her site and ask about getting your own custom knitted doll or an ElvisTrooper doll if you like!
10/29/08: SW Fan Days II
• The ElvisTrooper had a great time being a guest at STAR WARS FAN DAYS II, in Plano Texas. It was great to see so many familiar faces from last year and it was great to meet lots of new Star Wars fan. Make sure to stop by the photo gallery for a few new pics.
09/07/08: Dragon*Con 08!
• The Dragon*Con 08 photos are now up, but this wasn't the usually type of con for the ElvisTrooper. This year I really wanted more of a vacation and just to have fun visiting all of my friends. It turns out that was exactly the type of break I needed as this ended up being one of my favorite cons to date. And with all that fun I did actually break out a new Elvis sci-fi character at this con, so make sure to check out the bottom of the gallery for the new character.
08/16/08: MySpace?
As you may have noticed, MySpace was nice enough to delete my original account without any warning or reason. For now I went ahead and put up a new page so feel free to add me if you like, more info on this and what happened to my old MySpace page can be found on the new page.  myspace.com/the_elvis_trooper  I also have a FaceBook account for those that would rather keep in touch with me that way, you can find me here: facebook.com
07/31/08: SD Comic Con!
San Diego Comic Con 2008 pics are now up! It was a great time as always and as always the days are not long enough and there is never enough time to see everyone and see everything. As I know I missed seeing a few people but for those I did get to see, hangout and even drink with, you all made it a great con that will not soon be forgotten. Now go check out the photo gallery and stop by again real soon as Dragon Con is only a few weeks away!
05/25/08: ET is Everywhere:
• The ElvisTrooper has been everywhere lately, so in case you missed it here is a brief run down. ET was featured in the "You Can Draw Star Wars" video series by the very talented artist Matt Busch, Episode 9. ET dropped by the Fangoria Horror Con in LA, but just in plain clothes to say hi to a few friends and fans, pic1, pic2, pic3. While in LA, he did some background work on the 2009 Disney movie, Race To Which Mountain, look for that and more info next year. Lego ET, that's right our friend and Lego customizer Jared from Texas sent us pics and a copy of his version of what ET would look like as a mini Lego figure, thanks again Jared! And most recent, Indiana Jones IV is now open and all of us fans are very happy to see the return Indy to the big screen, especially that Indiana Elvis guy! 
02/27/08: WonderCon 08:
• Hello to everyone and happy 2008, well as you may have noticed your old pal the ElvisTrooper has been on a nice little break since last updating. But he is back and geared up for a great looking year and what better way to kick start the con year than with a great little con in San Francisco. That's right, it was time for WonderCon once again and what a great time it was. It was so good to see everyone and we are looking forward to more fun like this for the rest of the year, now go check out the pics from WonderCon 08!
10/31/07: SW Fan Days:
• Your old pal the ElvisTrooper was a guest at the Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas for the big Star Wars Fan Days show. And we now have a few pics up from the event as well as pics from a private party at the New Wookiee Workshop, AKA the shop of Philip Wise and his Star Wars collection. You may know the name Philip Wise from the Star Wars collecting website, RebelScum.com, if not check it out. Up next will be pics from the local haunted house I have been helping to build, hope you all had a great Halloween!
09/31/07: D*Con photos:
Dragon*Con 2007 photos are now up and ready for your viewing pleasure. It was great to see all of our friends and party with as many of them as we could and man what a great party weekend it was, much love to you all and we will see you again next time! And don't forget your old pal the ElvisTrooper will be a guest for the next Sci-Fi Expo in Dallas, for the big Star Wars Fan Days show coming up Oct. 20th-21st.
08/29/07: D*Con 2007:
• You can catch up with the ElvisTrooper over the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA for Dragon*Con 2007. The TV appearance on HSN has now been canceled. But your old pal the ElvisTrooper has just been added as a guest for the next Sci-fi Expo in Dallas, for the big Star Wars Fan Days show!
08/06/07: SDCC 07 photos:
San Diego Comic Con 2007 is now come an gone and what a great con it was, probably my favorite to date. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Gentle Giant Ltd booth to say hi and to grab a photo with me as well. My SDCC 07 photo gallery is now up, so go check out all the pics from the con as well as stop by page 2 for all the party pics. Big thanks go out to the Brother Hood for all the fun at the X-Sanguin party once again as well as the Elvis Bus, seriously check out these pics. Also a big thanks again to the girls from the "Honk If You <3 Elvis" documentary, thanks for coming out to film a little more and including me in the doc. Well, it was great and I look forward to doing it all again next year.
06/25/07: SW CIV photos:
• Photos from SW Celebration IV are finally up and ready for your viewing pleasure also feel free to stop by and check out my personal review of all the fun over on my MySpace Blog.  As always, our favorite part of this convention is seeing and meeting all the great SW fans, much love to you all. And as reported before this con was even bigger for your old pal as he teamed up with Gentle Giant Ltd to help lend his support in the fight against Cancer, with a raffle for a special ElvisTrooper mini bust by Gentle Giant Ltd, see this link for the details on that. Big thanks to them for all of their help and support and also a big Thankyaverymuch to those of you out there that supported this raffle with your donations.
05/22/07: ElvisTrooper Mini Bust + CIV news:
• We finally have the authorization to release more info on the ElvisTrooper Mini Bust and how you might be able to add it to you collection. This is a one of a kind Mini Bust made by Gentle Giant Ltd that will be exclusively up for a charity raffle at Star Wars Celebration IV. For more detail on how the raffle works please stop by booth number 901 inside the exhibit hall of the LA convention Center and check out my BLOG the read more about this and the rest of the SW CIV news.
05/02/07: ElvisTrooper in the news + CIV:
• Quick update to the ElvisTrooper in print page, two new magazine appearances have been spotted, thanks again to our friends who wrote in about these. SW Celebration IV convention in LA, is only a few weeks away and we are happy to finally announce that the ElvisTrooper will be working with Gentle Giant Ltd. and will be featured at their convention booth. Lots more news on this and much more to come, so check back often! And yes, the ElvisTrooper has been very happy to be featured by GenCon on their website to help promote SWC IV. 
04/01/07: Wizard LA 07 + SW at the ScienCenter:
• We had a chance to go down real quick and check out the Wizard World LA 2007 convention this year. There was no official ElvisTrooper appearance at this con, but here are a few fun pics, Pic1, Pic2, Pic3. We also had a chance to stop by the LA ScienCenter to check out the Star Wars exhibit, Where Science Meets Imagination.
03/13/07: New ElvisTrooper T-shirt?:
• Did Lucas Film actually license and Elvis Trooper T-shirt? The answer is NO, but see all the details on my MySpace BLOG.
03/04/07: SF WonderCon 07:
WonderCon is San Francisco is always fun, it's a great relaxing little con, which makes it easy to meet up and chat with local friends and still meet lots of new friends to. See all the pics here.
12/07/06: Hollywood Appearance:
• The ElvisTrooper was a special guest this year at the 2006 Wintner Holiday Bash, click the link to see all the crazy Hollywood fun. Also, make sure to check out the teaser video for this event. We also spent the weekend down in LA for a little fun and finished it off with the Mooneyes X-mas Car Show and Shine, see a few pics here. Pic1, Pic2, Pic3. Pic4.
10/06/06: magazine appearance update:
• Big update to the Elvis Trooper in print page, with six new print appearances listed. Including a great almost full page picture of the Elvis Trooper in a great movie magazine from the UK called "Empire." Along with a lot more photo and humor coverage from San Diego Comic Con. Now go check out the press update already!
09/14/06: Dragon Con 06:
• The Dragon*Con 2006 photo gallery is now up, finally. Wow, it took a good week or two to finally recover from this once again non-stop party. And I know it sounds like we say this about every con, but it was great to see all our all friends and meet lots of great new ones as well. Also, if you check out the lower half of the gallery page you will notice the premier of a brand new costume for our hero the Elvis Trooper and that is the one and only, Karate Elvis! Click to see the pics.
08/01/06: SD Comic Con pics:
San Diego Comic Con photo gallery is now up. Well, the con has now come and gone and it was another record year of attendance and another great year of none stop fun. It was great to see all our friends and meet lots of new ones too. This convention just seems to getting better and better for your old pal the ElvisTrooper each year and we like to think it's because of all the great people that attend and stop to show the ElvisTrooper some love. Now go check out the pics already.
07/05/06: Comic Con and GQ magazine:
• Well, it's July and that means it's almost time for San Diego Comic Con and we look forward to seeing all our fans and friends once again, so don't miss it! And speaking of Comic Con, the Elvis Trooper was spotted in this months issue of GQ Magazine along with an article about Comic Con, check here for more info on the magazine appearance.
05/08/06: Pics from the Red Carpet:
• The Elvis Trooper was invited as a special guest to the 1st Annual LARPY Awards Show at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA on April the 30. Check the pictures here for all the fun from the red carpet, including interviews, fun pictures with pretty girls and celebrities too.
02/13/06: SF WonderCon 06:
• This years first public appearance of the Elvis Trooper was at WonderCon is San Francisco. We are just in from this convention and as always we had a great time seeing good friends and meeting new ones. This small convention is always a great way to start the year off, so for those that missed it there is always next year I guess or better yet San Diego Comic Con is still to come! Sorry, not a lot of pics to share but here are a few of our favorites from WonderCon 2006
01/10/06: Taking over MySpace:
• First, the Elvis Trooper would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Now, as you may have heard, and yes the rumors are true, the Elvis Trooper has a page up on MySpace.com to stay better connected to his friends and fans. And with such a great response so far he is bound to concur MySpace in no time at all and then who knows. So for those of you that are addicted to MySpace, feel free to stop by, say hi, check the updates and post a comment if you haven't yet. MySpace.com/ElvisTrooper
11/26/05: More Elvis Trooper in the News:
• We have an updated to our Elvis Trooper as seen in print section as we have been alerted to several different magazines over the last few month or so that feature a picture of our hero the Elvis Trooper. And now we have been able to track down 2 more of them and have posted up scans of these pages along with the others for your viewing pleasure, here
10/26/05: Exotic Erotic Ball, SF:
• This past weekend our hero the Elvis Trooper attended the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco and we finally have most of the pics up now, here. Well, at least the ones that we are able to show you as this is one of the naughtiest Halloween balls around. This was actually the the first appearance of the Elvis Trooper at this event and will probably not be the last.
09/06/05: Dragon Con 2005:
• Our hero the Elvis Trooper is just in from Dragon*Con 2005 and has pictures to share with everyone right here. He is still very tired but we are sure it was all well worth it. We would like to say thanks to all our friends we saw at the Con and took pictures with and can't wait till next year! So for now, go look at all the great Dragon*Con 05 pics, but be warned some are of the more adult nature!
07/19/05: S.D. Comic Con:
• As always San Diego Comic Con was a blast to say the least. And even early than past years, our SDCC 2005 picture gallery is now up! Our hero the Elvis Trooper had a great time meeting and taking countless photos with all the comic fans that were able to make it out for the weekend. The ElvisTrooper would like to say a big Thankyaverymuch to so many people that he meet and talked with and especially those that hooked him up with some goodies! But there are just too many names to name that we just want you to know that he loves you all and will see you again next year for even more fun!
06/15/05: More news print:
• Make sure to check out our latest updated page, the Elvis Trooper in print. As we have just scanned and uploaded 2 more clips from magazines that mention or have a pic of our hero the Elvis Trooper.
05/27/05: SW ROTS:
• More words from the Elvis Trooper, this movie kicks ass even after a second and third viewing! Also, during all the hype and fan fare for the new Star Wars movie, our hero the Elvis Trooper was in demand for interviews and appearances. We have now been able to put together a portion of the news media coverage from print that fans have gathered for us and now have a new page to share for you that chronicles some of the recent coverage, the Elvis Trooper in print
05/06/05: SWC3 pics:
• Star Wars Celebration 3 pics are up! That's right the Elvis Trooper has finally put down his cheeseburger long enough to get some of his pictures posted. So check out Part A of the pictures and yes, we hope that means that there will be a Part B coming still. So check back soon for that and much much more!
04/28/05: Back from SW Celebration 3:
• Our hero the Elvis Trooper in finally back and well rested from Celebration 3. As predicted this was the place to be if you were a big Star Wars fan, we met lots of new fans and were able to see and chat with lots of good friends. We are still working on the Elvis Trooper sighting for this convention so it will be just a bit longer before any pictures are put up in the gallery section, but stay tuned for that. And we would also like to say a big Thankyaverymuch to everyone who asked for an Elvis Trooper trading card and even an autograph as well, I hope we were able to accommodate as many fans as we could, so thanks for your support!
04/15/05: SW Celebration 3 will be the place to be:
• The biggest Star Wars convention of all time is only a few days away and the Elvis Trooper will be there in full effect, so come on out to SW Celebration 3. This will be somewhat of an anniversary for our hero the Elvis Troopers as he made his first public appearance ever just 3 years ago at SW Celebration 2. So if you are to be in attendance at this convention, make sure to be on the lookout for him and be sure to ask for a free limited edition Elvis Trooper trading card and a free autograph! Also be on the lookout for his Off Duty 501st trading card as well.
04/01/05: Trivial Pursuit dvd Star Wars:
• This just in....The Elvis Trooper is confirmed by Hasbro Games to be 1 of the 21 Star Wars fans that will be in the new Trivial Pursuit DVD Star Wars Saga Edition game. This game will be on sale April 2nd and for more information on the game itself, see the Hasbro website. To see our hero the Elvis Trooper in the game you will need to play it and find him, as he is one of about 600 interactive questions. UPDATE: We now have a few screen captures from the raw footage of the Elvis Troopers performance in the this game, pic1, pic2, pic3.  
03/31/05: Site Update and New News:
• If you have tried browsing the site over the past week you may have noticed problems here and there, like the site being off-line. But a big ThankYaVeryMuch goes to our crackerjack web team for getting the site up and going again and reloaded on a new server! Also, the big news to follow in the next few weeks is the return of the Elvis Troopers to what looks to be the biggest Star Wars convention of all times, SW Celebration III.  So make sure to be on the lookout for the Elvis Trooper at SW C3 if you are attending and make sure to ask for a free autograph and limited edition trading card!
03/1/05: SF WonderCon:
• The most recent Elvis sighting was at this years WonderCon is San Francisco. This is quickly becoming one the Elvis Troopers favorite little conventions as the size is perfect for hanging out with old friends and making new ones. The only bad news is that we were not able to capture too many images as that crafty Elvis Trooper kept giving our cameras the slip. But we have found a few photo's from around the net , Elvis and the hottest Batgirl ever, Elvis and Darth, and more we will post links too soon and maybe borrow a few more. But did we say this Con was little, it was actually bigger than ever this year, with lots of Star power to match the turn out size too. Stay tuned for pics.
09/08/04: Dragon Con 04:
• Hello all, the latest Elvis sighting are in and our reports show that The Elvis Trooper was spotted at Dragon Con 2004! Our reports follow that this years Con did not disappoint when it came to great costumes, great people, wild parties and an over all naughtiness that is Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA! And even better the pics are now up, so go check out the pics of the Elvis Trooper at DC04. Another report we got was that Wolverine and Elvis were also spotted at this con, or was that the other way around. Well, it's hard to say right now as some one else told us it was Elverine. Oh, and a Blues Brother thrown if fur the heck of it.
08/02/04: SDCC 04 - Pics are up:
• As always San Diego Comic Con was great and the new pic pages are now up. So go check out some of the more respectable pics we were able to post of the Elvis Trooper at SDCC 2004. Also seen at this years Con was GhostBuster Elvis, well that should be worth a look don't ya think.
05/04/04: Site update:
• Hello everyone, first, thanks for visiting, second, sorry for the long time in between updates on the site. So onto the good news, I am back to working on this website and have begun to link the pages together better and post up more pics. So I only see more pics and more updates in the near future as this looks to be a big year for our friend the Elvis Trooper! So look around and come back again soon. And one last thing, the Elvis Trooper just got back from an appearance at Wonder Con this past weekend, so go check out the review and the pics.
12/20/03: List of appearances at Cons in 2003:
• This year I made it a point to hit as many conventions that I could, and succeeded in doing just that. I attended more Cons this past year than I thought I ever would be able to, and big thanks goes to a lot of friend who help out with splitting hotel rooms, rides and such. So here is a quick recap of Con appearances:
 Creation Con - Sacramento
• Wonder Con - SF
• Bay Con - SF
• Grand Slam, Creation Con - Pasadena (LA)
• SD Comic Con - San Diego
• Dragon Con - Atlanta
• Vegas Comic Con - Las Vegas