Yes, the rumors are true and your eyes aren't deceiving you, it's an all new Elvis Trooper for '04! Once again we find our hero at his favorite Con, the San Diego Comic Con 2004. How can it be, but this year the Con was bigger than ever which means more and more fans for him to meet, greet, and take pictures with. And a few lucky people even walked away with their very own Elvis Trooper T-shirt as a souvenir of the time they spent with the him, hey what a nice guy this Elvis Trooper must be. I wonder if any of the girls did anything special to get a T-shirt, well it's probably best not to even ask such questions that could only lead to trouble. Now onto a few of the more respectable pictures that we were able to find of the Elvis Trooper at San Diego Comic Con 2004.



     If you are any type of Star Wars fan that this was the year to be at Comic Con, there was more Star Wars things to do and see than ever before. And nothing says Star Wars better than hot girls in Star Wars costumes!




     The Elvis Trooper digs running into old friends at the Con and will never refuse a picture from any fan. This year while on the con floor he even got an on the spot rating from one of the booths, and what high marks they are too. 




Hello sweet mamma's, would you like a picture with the Elvis Trooper? 



     Ah yes, nothing better than hot booth babes, the Elvis Trooper approves of such things. And that brings yet another San Diego Comic Con to a close, but what a great Con it was, see you all next year. And if you haven't yet, make sure to check out the all new adventures of Ghostbuster Elvis also seen at Comic Con 2004!





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