The Elvis Trooper
at Spike TV's VGA's



Well I just got back from Vegas, again. I along with about 30 other Stormtroopers from the 501st were invited to take part in the production of Spike TV's first even Video Game Awards show. It was great hanging out with the guys and taking part in the show, even if we only got a few seconds air time. But none the less I knew the best part would actually be going and having fun. I meet a few new really cool troopers, which is always great and meet a few celebs and most of them were pretty cool as well. And yes the Elvis Trooper did have a little bit of fun behind the scenes so here are the pics from the trip. First up we have the stage, the Celebrity presenters that opened or quick march out on to the stage, David Spaid with Pam Anderson. And the main stage again, with a pic of the Star Wars game title that brought us out to Vegas in the first place.


Here is one of our cool little backstage badges that we got the day of practice and a pic of our helmets only dry run practice. This was an odd experience for me as I usually wear the suit and not the helmet, but hey we are here to do a job, lots of time for fun afterwards.


And where is the Elvis Trooper you may ask, well after the practice it was time to have a little fun. Here we see him in plain clothes taking center stage. And having a little fun with the main floor seating arrangement.


Here we are back stage at the Stormtroopers dressing room, very official as we even have our own sign. And yes, it's Elvis posing with one of our newest female recruits, AJ. I dig those high heeled go-go boots!


Elvis ran into a few Jack-asses and a few lovely ladies. Here is Elvis with Steve-O, actually a cool guy as he took the time to stop for a pic. And Elvis up to his normal tricks, seen here posing with some of the girls from the crew.


One of the best parts about have a dressing room backstage at this event was being close to the Raiderets dressing room. so Elvis decided to stop in and say hi to a few of the ladies. Hello ladies, would you like a picture with the Elvis Trooper?


We see Elvis not being able to resist taking a pic in front of this sign the casino had made up special for his visit. And a few more lovely ladies stopped the Elvis Trooper for a picture. It does not suck to be the Elvis Trooper, well there is that whole thing about people wanting to try on your glasses and hat. but how can he resist the request of a lovely fan.


Back stage Elvis ran into a few celebs and such, most were nice and great to talk to, but most of the time Elvis's photographer was no where to be found. However we he met these two guys, Mat and Brian from Spike TV's Joe Shmoe Show, he was able to get a pic. And even better these guys were great and down to earth, so we hope all the best for them, thanks guys...Thankyaverymuch!



Well this concludes this chronicle of the Elvis Trooper at Spike TV's Video Game Awards. Big thanks go out to Spike TV for putting this on and inviting the 501st out to take part. LFL for letting the 501st take part in an official manner and for making the video games to begin with. A big thankyavermuch to my buds that I hung out with in Vegas and my Nor-Cal group that I drove out with!


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